How to get here
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How to get here

Parking for disabled
Entrance for strollers and wheelchairs
Staff entrance
Bus stops
By public transport

From centre:


Trolleybus:1 and 19

Bus: 2, 20 and 24

Bus stop: Dzirnavu iela (on Pulkveza Brieza Street)


To centre:

Trolleybus: 1 and 19

Bus: 2, 20 and 24

Bus stop: Hanzas iela (on Pulkveza Brieza Street)


For finding the best route and transport to arrive to Hanzas Perons go to Rigas Satiksme public transport operator’s website.

By car

When arriving to the venue by private transport, you are welcome to leave your car at a paid parking P1 and P2.


Parking P1 can be accessed from Pulkveža Brieža Street, Mihaila Tāla Street and traffic light at Rimi shop. Parking P2 can be accessed from Mihaila Tāla Street, right next to PUTO car wash.


Pay in EuroPark pay-machine at the parking or use Mobilly payment system (tariff zone: NH).




One hour: 1.50 EUR

24 hours: 5.00 EUR

Charge step: 0.50 EUR

Minimum charge: 1.50 EUR

Charged hours: 00:00–24:00


You can also purchase month ticket:


For 24 hours: 65.00 EUR

For business days (6:00–21:00): 60.00 EUR

For nights and weekends: (17:00–10:00 on business days and 24-hour on weekends and national holidays): 19.00 EUR


Parking for the disabled is located at the entrance to Hanzas Perons. It is available free of charge if there is a special disabled person’s card under the front window of your car.


NB! Parking beyond yellow lines at Hanzas Perons is allowed only for the delivery transport.


Terms of use of the parking