Kultūrai, mūzikai, mākslai
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Uzzini vairāk
Moderna ēka ar vēsturisku raksturu
Uzzini vairāk
Hanzas Perons

Modern venue with historical background

A former Riga cargo railway warehouse in the New Hanza area has been reborn as a concert hall – a platform for culture, art, music and other events. Combining building’s more than 100 years of history with a modern approach it has become an efficient, functional space to organize and hold events. After renovations, the building retains its historical image, remaining a landmark of the city’s rapid industrial development, and it has been noticed and recognized as the destination for culture in Riga. Hanzas Perons is a place for artists to meet their audiences, for creative minds to implement their ideas, for culture buffs to discover new talents.
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