The Christmas Sundays. Vladislavs Nastavševs.
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The Christmas Sundays. Vladislavs Nastavševs.

Solo Concert by Vladislavs Nastavshevs

The Sundays (Svētdienis) is a little celebration that will take place for four Sundays at Hanzas Perons. While the whole worlds is slowly starting to prepare to the winter’s most anticipated celebration, this is your chance to start it early – in the centre of the city, in an inspiring atmosphere and going on for an entire month. Concerts and plays for your spirit, games and workshops, food and mulled wine for your belly, Christmas post and fair – for gifts and joy. Even if you come alone, you will not feel lonely here. Because there is peace on earth and good mood on Sundays.

This concert will feature songs from the artist’s created plays. Nastavshev’s plays are always filled with tender melodies, while the lyrics use existential verses from famous Russian poets, what makes every song a story. His own composed and often played music is an inherent part of the plays he stages. Popular concerts in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia have proven a success of existence of musical pieces also outside their theaters.

Concert starts at 18.30. Tickets are required only for the concert - free entrance for children under 6, when accompanied by their parents. Christmas Sundays are open from 11.00 till 20.00 - entrance to all the other activities and events is free all day long.

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