The Father’s Day Sunday
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The Father’s Day Sunday

About the event

September is here and a new beginning to return to school and kindergarten friends. But still in September there is a special day in honor of fathers, which we offer to spend together with the whole family.

That's why we are starting again our Sundays - a day to have carefree fun, relax, participate in workshops, classes, discover new board games, enjoy performances, gain new knowledge, meet friends and learn about the latest in children's toys and designer goods.

On September 11, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Father's Day Sunday and the doors are open to all visitors.
At the event, the whole family will be able to work together in free workshops, learn various new board games, create beautiful gifts for dads and feast on street food delicacies.

You can learn the art of graffiti together with the artist Dainis Rudens. There will be activities of the Latvian Nature Museum, never-before-seen board games, and a competition attraction.

And of course french fries and cotton candy all day. You will be able to gain new knowledge by working in the workshops of science centers, learn about safe internet and what a safe home should be for children.

On the Father's Day Sunday, there will be a performance from Liepāja puppet theater "Ežumilla".
The performance will be available twice - at 12.00 and 14.00. Tickets for the show are in Bilešu Paradīze, but everything else is for free.

Mothers are also welcome on the Father's Day Sunday, we will have coffee, drinks and a seating area for adults.

See you and let's start this autumn in the city all together with joy!
Supported by Riga City Council.