TechChill 2023
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TechChill 2023

Abut event

I am excited, you are excited, and we are excited - because TechChill 2023 is back!
Book your busy schedules, put on your best start-up gear, and immerse yourself in all things Magenta!
What is Magenta all about, you may ask?
Well, easy, here are TechChill 2023 tracks -
Learn about start-up ecosystem emerging in Baltic Landscape
Get to know how to become a superhuman during the uncertain times from Starters & Builders
Listen about Music & Audio software and hardware is taking over the start-up world
Immerse yourself in Robotics & AI and look into the brains and intentions of future possibilities
Drive conversion about Work-life & Culture and constant efforts of creating a better inclusive environment
Stop scrolling and googling and get the most up-to-date trends in health tech & Longevity
Earth is still on fire and we need to save it! Climate Tech & Mobility startupers are the pioneers of achieving the net zero
Get a glimpse into the future itself with Web3 & Gaming
Visit Riga, the spring startup paradise for 3 days, with 20+ exciting side events, 200+ top European and Silicon Valley investors, and 300+ startups bringing tomorrow’s tech to life.
The right person might be just one beverage away!
April 26: TechChill side-events at Fantadroms |
April 27 & 28: TechChill main event at Hanzas Perons
Not convinced yet?
Visit -
So, are you ready to let TechChill 2023 change your life?
Grab your PASS today:
SPEAKERS will be announced very very soon, so we will keep you waiting for a bit