SUDDEN LIGHTS. Billion Summer
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SUDDEN LIGHTS. Billion Summer

About the event

The group "Sudden Lights" invites to the concert "Billion Summer". It will feature not only songs from the new album "Billion Summer", but also songs already loved by listeners "Sudden Lights". In the album "Billion Summer", the musicians go through a wide range of emotions from sunny nostalgia to electrifying power. The album was made in the group's creative camps far away from the city noise, it is permeated by dreamy and unhurried immersion in events that I would like to experience again and again.
Sudden Lights' own music is dominated by pop rock stylistics, complemented by a slightly alternative vibe. Sticky, easily danceable melodies, sometimes with a spiritually melancholic note, as well as the zeal of youth characterize the sound of the group.

The group was founded in 2012, when its members met at a music school. "Sudden Lights" has repeatedly won nominations for the Latvian Music Record of the Year Award "Golden Microphone", and their songs are regularly played on Latvia's largest radio stations. The band's collaboration with "Astro'n'out" in "Chaos" won the "Golden Microphone" award in 2021 as the radio hit of the year.

Information for visitors

The event will be photographed and filmed, the materials will be used for publicity. Stroboscopic lighting can be used in the concert.

Attention! In accordance with the Covid-19 restrictions set for Latvia for public events, admission to the concert will be allowed upon presentation of a certificate confirming the fact of Covid-19 vaccination or illness.

An identity document, a ticket and a valid Covid-19 vaccination or illness certificate must be presented at the entrance to the concert. The certificate can be downloaded from the website

Please note that national Covid-19 assembly restrictions are subject to change and requirements for concert attendees will be determined by the regulations in force at the time of the concert.

It is forbidden to use tickets in any competitions and campaigns without the permission of the concert organizer.

About organizers

Sudden Lights