Skaņu mežs 2020
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Skaņu mežs 2020
music festival

About event

Music festival Skaņu mežs central concert nights at Hanzas Perons will take place on 9 and 10 October, while its free introduction concert will take place on 2 October in a yet undisclosed location.

On 9 October, Skaņu mežs will feature:

- Pianist Agnese Egliņa with the premier piece “Blombos Workshop” specially created for Sound Forest in collaboration with American composer, trombone player, digital music novator and McArthure Fellowship receiver George E. Lewis.
- Electronic pieces by digital music composers Marina Rosenfeld and Ben Vida.
- A new-wave band that has recently resumed concerts – 19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma.
- British-Italian cybernetic industrial hip-hop due Kinlaw & Franco Franco
- Australian-born digital music composer Oren Ambarchi with his spouse sound artist crys cole.
- Digital music producer of Greek origin Jay Glass Dubs.

On 10 October meet on stage:

- Interdisciplinary vanguard music project KTL, consisting of guitarist of band Sunn O))) Stephen O’Mally and digital music composer, head of major Austrian publishing house Editions Mego – Peter Rehberg.
- Switzerland-based American percussionist and digital music artist Jason Kahn.
- London-based American song-writer and multi-instrumentalist Ashley Paul, which will be accompanied on stage by bass player Otto Willberg.
- Austrian trombone player and composer Radu Malfatti.
- Latvian two-people noise/industrial project Clausthome in collaboration with artist Mārtiņš Ratniks.
- Dark digital music project +K+M+B consisting of Kristians Brekte, Modris Svilāns and Māris Butlers.

Given the safety precautions introduced due to coronavirus pandemic, there is a limited number of tickets available to each separate concert and an even smaller number of sets of tickets to both central concerts. One ticket price: EUR 15. Set of tickets to two central concerts: 23 EUR. Tickets are available at Biļešu serviss box offices and on

Given the uncertainty and complications created by Covid-19 global pandemic and the fact that the festivel is featuring artists from many foreign countries, we are kindly asking visitors to be tolerant about the possible changes in the list of artists, which may be announced up to the day of the concerts.

Please note that the visitors should keep 2-meter distance from one another and should not change their seats during the concerts. Visitors are asked to wear masks and follow the instructions available at the venue. Persons who should be staying in self-isolation, home quarantine or isolation, or having respiratory disease symptoms are not allowed to enter the event venue.

For more information about the artists and the festival programme go to

About organizer

Association Skaņu mežs

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Par pasākuma atbalstītājiem

Rrill Bell un Jay Glass Dubs pārstāv „Skaņu meža” līdzkoordinētu novatoriskajai mūzikai un audiovizuālajai mākslai veltīto platformu SHAPE, savukārt Sonar Quartett ar Džacinto Šelsi kompozīcijām – projektu REMAIIN. Abus projektus atbalsta ES programma „Radošā Eiropa” un Kultūras ministrija.

Festivālu „Skaņu mežs” atbalsta Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds, Rīgas Dome, Gētes institūts Rīgā, Kultūras ministrija, fonds Trust for Mutual Understanding, ASV vēstniecība. Festivāla komerciālie atbalstītāji ir iRobot un Valmiermuižas alus. „Skaņu mežs” ir dalībnieks projektā UM-SCENE, ko atbalsta ES programma „Radošā Eiropa”, un starptautiskajā tīmeklī ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound).

Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Militante del Niente