Pedro Eustache & Sinfonietta Rīga
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Pedro Eustache & Sinfonietta Rīga

About the event

On 4 February concert hall Hanzas Perons is hosting a concert by Sinfonietta Rīga and multi-instrumentalist Pedro Eustache conducted by Normunds Šnē who will be playing the new piece by Platon Buravickis “Future is following us” (“Nākotne mums seko”). In the second part of the concert audience will be offered to enjoy improvisation with synthesizer and various wind instruments performed by Pedro Eustache, Platons Buravickis and Multilux. The concert organiser is an association “Arter Liberales”.

The main guest and at the same time the main artist of the concert is Venezuelan flautist Pedro Eustache, who is currently living in California, USA. Eustache has a unique, richly eclectic style of music that is a result of long-term research and more than 40 years of professional experience while working in European classical, jazz, world music, popular and electronic music forms. As a flautist, started his professional career in academies of music in France, then graduated jazz class in California Institute of Arts. His restless passion for the world of music and wind instruments has resulted in a voluminous research work and a collection of more than 600 musical instruments, a part of which were made by Pedro himself. He is brilliantly playing a variety of instruments, even rare and traditional ones, he is a master of wind instruments, who is recognised all over the world, but has never played in Latvia yet.

Estuache has been collaborating with musicians and brands like Sir Paul McCartney, film music composer Hans Zimmer, composer Yanni, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and its conductor Gustavo Dudamel, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra and others. Pedro Eustache has played the leading wind instrument part for countless movie soundtracks, for example, American Gangster, Inception, Spartacus, Munich, Madagascar, King Lion, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Returns, Indiana Jones, and others, as well as soundtrack for the world-famous computer game World of Warcraft. Pedro has been awarded with many prestigious awards, including two Grammy awards for participation in project “Concert for George” (2005) and Chriss Botti album Impressions (2013), as well as nominated to Oscars in 2006 and received Film&TV Music Award in 2007 for the best instrumental solo performance in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”.

On 4 February at concert hall Hanzas Perons Pedro Eustache with Sinfonietta Rīga and Normunds Šnē will play the new piece by Platon Buravickis “Future is following us” for chamber orchestra and piccolo, soprano and alto flutes and Armenian duduk and Indian traditional flutes. The one-part piece is divided in several stages that are marked by the interludes played with traditional music instruments from the cultures of around the world. The piece speaks about utopic vision where the humankind has left segregation crisis behind, national borders are lost, and about times when everyone is emphatic to one another and stigmatisations are gone. The piece by Buravickis will be played by Pedro Eustache together with chamber orchestra Sinfonietta Rīga, a Grammy Award winter, as well as four times Latvian Grand Music Award winter (latest – in 2019).

Platons Buravickis is a composer, pianist, improvisation artist, who has graduated Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Music Academy and is working with both academic and electronic music. A special attention he pays to experimental electro-acoustic and rhythmical music and use of analogous synthesizers. Buravickis’ music has been played at festivals like “Arēna”, “Dominante”, “Survival Kit”, “Latvian New Music Days”, “Skaņu mežs”, “Positivus”, “Komēta” etc. Platons Buravickis is one of the most active and progressive Latvian composers of contemporary music.

The second section of the concert that is called “Petros GlobalTronix Project” is a techno music improvisation with wind instruments and electronic instruments – modular and analogous synthesizers – performed by Pedro Eustache, Platons Buravickis and Emīls Dreiblats, a.k.a. Multilux. Acoustic and electronic duos in a form of improvisation is a rare case on Latvian stage unlike elsewhere in the world, where it is considered an essential phenomenon of contemporary music.


19.00 - doors
19.30 - first part
21.10 - break
21.25 - 22.00 - second part.

Tickets available at and Biļešu paradise kiosks in price range from 12 to 25 EUR, not numbered, price difference depends on date of purchase.

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