Novada Garša | Taste of the Region
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Novada Garša | Taste of the Region
conference “Local products on future markets”

About event

“Novada Garša” (“Taste of the Region”) is announcing its second conference “Local products on future markets”, offering its audiences to search for solutions of the future market trends, which local food producers should already be considering.

In the second hall of Hanzas Perons, along with the conference, finals of contest “Latvian Chef of the Year”, organized by Chef’s Club, and public sector catering teams’ competition “Taste of My Region 2020” will take place. Naturally, the contestants will be using products made by members of catalogue.

In hall 3 of Hanzas Perons there will be an interactive event “Taste Stops” that will lead the visitors through various taste stops, like Bread, Milk, Vegetable, Fish, Meat, Honey, Drinks and Innovations stop. These stops of the route will feature industry professionals, as well as offer tasting samples. This hall also will host various workshops and seminars.

Conference day ticket: 20 EUR. Ticket includes:

- Limited number of seats (200)
- Lunch and dinner
- Entrance to Taste Stops hall: tasting, seminars and workshops
- Watching chef’s competitions

Ticket to Taste Stops: 5 EUR. Ticket includes:

- Tasting, seminars and workshops in Taste Stops hall
- Watching chef’s competitions

Online ticket: 5 EUR. Ticket includes:

- Participation in conferences online
- Chance to ask your questions online
- Watch presentations of lecturers online.

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