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About the event

A new series of events at Hanzas Perons! Tarantino and Coen Brothers. Pulp Fiction and Inside Llewyn Davis. DJ Toms Grēviņš and soundtrack disco.
On Saturday, September 17, we invite you to a party that you will not have experienced before. It will be a completely different cinema experience.

We open the door at 18.00 to fill glasses with drinks, welcome friends who are always late, choose a movie and take the best seats at the big screens.

We will show movies at 19.00. At one place Tarantino and Pulp Fiction, at the other Coen Brothers and Inside Llewyn Davis. The films will be in the original language with subtitles in Latvian. Inside Llewyn Davis has never seen the big screens in Latvia, so this is a unique opportunity.

Already from 20.00 DJ Toms Grēviņš will start playing the best soundtrack party with songs from Tarantino, Coen Brothers and similar style. The party will continue throughout the night. In the galleries, a novus and a table tennis table for those who don't dance. There will be a disco ball and themed costumes are allowed.

You know these songs and if you don't, there are all the possibilities to listen to them.
Royale With Cheese / Misirlou / If love is a red dress / Five Hundred miles / Please, Mr. Kennedy and others.