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About event

Every autumn Latvian Event Forum Fall Session takes place in Riga – a two-day event dedicated to exchanges latest discoveries in event organizing and technical supply field, technical producing and audiovisual implementation of events. By now the fall session was taking place in the studio of NA company and at Arena Riga, but in 2019, the fourth Latvian Event Forum Fall Session will take place in the newly opened Hanzas Perons.

This year Latvian Event Forum fall session will offer the Audiovisual Day on 1 October – a day of lectures for audiovisual area specialists, while in the evening, traditionally, there will be a party for technicians of the industry. On 2 October, starting from 11 o’clock everyone is welcome to attend the Latvian Event Forum fall session lecture programme. Fall session location is offering two days of Event Expo – the only exhibition of the event industry – a platform for event services suppliers. On 1 October, under Event Expo event organisers will share their best solutions implemented in the events over the last year. The grand finale of the fall session of Latvian Event Forum as usually will be the LaPPa award ceremony.

Lecture programme for event audiovisual area specialists
Audiovisual Day 2019

This year for the first time Latvian Event Forum fall session will offer the Audiovisual Day – a lecture programme for event audiovisual area specialists. The lectures will offer presentations on latest trends in sound, light, video equipment and various technological solutions. Latvia’s leading specialists are welcome to share their experiences on the Audiovisual Day, technical equipment companies – to show their new products. The expected audience of the Audiovisual Day is suppliers of audiovisual solutions in the industry, technical producers, event light, sound, video and other technology solution specialists.

Latvian Event Forum Fall Session lectures

This fall Latvian event industry professionals will meet at Hanzas Perons platform – a place where all kinds of journeys start. Fall session destinations are sustainability, event quality, innovations in technical equipment that are important for any event organiser. We will be talking about our 2019 summer season and will have a sneak peak into trends in the field of event equipment and technical assistance. The lectures will touch upon topical issues of technical production and audiovisual implementation.

Party for Latvian Event Technicians

It is the second year when we invite staff of all the technical assistance companies to gather for a new type of event: party for Latvian event technicians. Leave your cars at home and come to Hanzas Perons on 1 October at 19:00 to – what has become an annual – party for all the technical assistance specialists to discuss, how this summer season was and what to expect in the new fall/winter season.

Lauru LaPPA creative personality excellence award for event organisers

In 2018 a new tradition of Latvian Association of Event Producers (LaPPA) was born – the industry is willing to recognise and celebrate the best creative professionals – event directors, artists, stage light and sound directors, designers, photographers, chefs and many others, whose work and input is essential for event to ever happen and be a success.

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