Lambert piano concert. Romance and pop culture
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Lambert piano concert. Romance and pop culture

About the event

On the evening of August 11, there will be a unique opportunity to hear piano music in the author's performance.

Lambert is a pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Hamburg.
An artist who doesn't use lyrics to highlight his exquisitely toughened partys, but they are full of drama and storytelling. Lambert is a man in a ragain mask at a piano that fills the room with romance and pop culture at the same time. A hero without a history leading the audience on an intimate, shocking and emotional journey through music. The seventh and most recent album of Lambert's studio, “Open”, has been created as a resistance to the limits of the pandemic, which has been particularly strong in spring 2020 and can hear the mood that prevailed in the feelings of the artist at this time.

Why is the artist hiding in a mask? Because it makes him more confident, it helped him to get over with the low self-esteem at the beginning and step on stage to perform with unique music and message: “The mask helps me to feel free and not feel pressure, representing my true nature.”

“In my teenage years I had trouble communicating, so I turned to making music,” Lambert explains. As a child, Lambert listened bands Nirvana, Oasis, and Beatles, the pianist sang these songs before he knew English. This music has devoured Lambert to turn to music professionally. Lambert likes improvisation. “The way I write music, how I execute it, how I live my life is based or related to improvisation.”

On the evening of August 11, we invite you to listen a different piano music at Hanzas Perons, which is worth getting to know in a live performance in Latvia.