First Row Concert: Reinis Zariņš
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First Row Concert: Reinis Zariņš
exclusive live concert series

About event

This spring Hanzas Perons venue successfully implemented a series of concerts “Front Row Concert”, which it is now resuming in September. The concerts for a hundred people on 4 September will start with a performance by internationally recognized pianist Reinis Zariņš. On 5 September Hanzas Perons is welcoming families with children to enjoy a play by a popular TV cartoon-show “Tutas lietas”, while on 11 September it will offer a quality time with an a cappella band “Latvian Voices” with Jānis Strazdiņš.

On 4 September, Reinis Zariņš will perform in two concerts – at 18:00 and 21:00 – with its programme “Citādas sonātes (“A different kind of sonatas”). He says that the name implies a semi-serious rebellion against the traditional form of these pieces. “This concert is about pieces of four different composers, who each made their pieces as sonatas, yet none of them fully complies with the traditions of the genre”, — says Reinis.

He is one of the greatest modern pianists not only in Latvia, but all around the world too. Being three times awarded the Latvian Grand Music Award, he keeps proving to be the best and the brightest chamber music player, who has already recorded several albums highly appreciated by the critics. Last year he released his latest album “Kreisleriana. Octagon” with pieces by Roberts Šūmanis and Andris Dzenītis.

On 5 September, Hanzas Perons is welcoming families with children to start the new school and fun year with their favorite cartoon characters, who will help the little ones to explore the world through singing.

The concert will feature original songs from the beloved kids’ show “Tutas lietas” – both the ones included in the all-time best album and the new ones, through which they can learn, for example, about crossing streets safely. The programme is suitable both for toddlers and children of school age. On 5 September there will be three concerts during the day – at 11:00, at 14:00 and at 18:00.

On 11 September Hanzas Perons is offering its audiences an exquisite a cappella experience: at 18:30 and at 21:00 Latvian vocal ladies band “Latvian Voices” will offer a concert “Gaismas concerts” in collaboration with the charming owner of bass voice Jānis Strazdiņš from the world-famous band “The Real Group”. The idea of this concert was inspired by the old ritual of autumn evenings for Latvians, where the evenings got darker and people came together indoors around the fireplace light to do handiwork or just rest after a hard day, and while being together, they often sang and told storied.

“Latvian Voices” and Jānis Strazdiņš created a concert for the audiences to enjoy an ambient evening, filled with symbolic scenography lighting elements. The concert will feature also some national folklore song interpretations, original songs and a cappella versions of world-famous hits.

Every concert is going to be approximately one hour long. Tickets available at Biļešu paradīze box offices and

The spring series of “Front Row Concert” in May and June featured 26 artists, who 35 concerts for 20-people audiences, in total attended by 780 people.

Taking into account the restrictions imposed in the country, the series of concerts “Front Row Concert” was created by the top professionals of Latvian event industry – event agency “Ideju institūts”, culture venue “Hanzas Perons” and technical equipment company “GaCo”.

About organizer

Front Row Concert Facebook page

Guntis Ērglis-Lācis, director of event agency “Ideju institūts”

T. 29262186

Ieva Irbina, director of culture venue “Hanzas Perons”

T. 29107402

Kaspars Zaviļeiskis, communication

T. 26593669