Kreisais Krasts concert
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Kreisais Krasts concert
Latvia’s Biggest Hip-Hop Union

About event

“Kreisais krasts” (“The Left Bank”) is announcing its first and by now the biggest concert that will take place on 25 October at Hanzas Perons.
Don’t miss! Only the first 300 tickets at special price – EUR 15.

“Kreisais Krasts” is a union of musicians that exists for almost 20 years and in August they are about to release their debut album “Tilts” (“The Bridge”) with 19 songs.

“Another stage on the life of our KK family has come to an end and this new album will mark the new start for our further steps. We use our music to “build the bridge” to the unknown. We are ready to surprise and be surprised, because we are in constant motion. We are crossing the bridge to make both banks meet,” – the members of the union comment on their upcoming album.

Along with the group’s debut album, on 25 October they are holding their by now biggest concert in the newly opened venue Hanzas Perons. The concert will feature both their well-known hits like FleKKsinonem, Logi Vaļā, Simts, and some new pieces from the upcoming album.

This time there will be more than 30 musicians stepping on stage – Pionieris, one of the founders of the group, and other popular artists of the union, like Reiks, ansis, Punkts uz I, Ivans, P. Upelnieks and, of course, other members of this team. Special guest: Sudrabu Sirds.

What is “Kreisais Krasts”?

“The history of Kreisais Krasts started in 2002. Back then Mazais Z and Pionieris gathered the musicians of Daugava River’s left bank neighbourhood Pārdaugava under a group name “Kreisais Krasts”. It was a place for everyone who didn’t have their own clique or simply those of similar mindset; it was a place that made them feel like belonging to some family.

The union quickly developed and their abbreviation KK soon started to appear on the streets of Pārdaugava. It was the starting platform for many music producers, rappers, graffiti artists and other artists that are now popular in Latvia. We welcome not only rappers, but also all types of artists and musicians of any genre/style.

Kreisais Krasts stands for open music/art in life and on stage. We do not lie to our audience: we are on stage just the same as we are on the street. This is one of the things that unites us: to be fair, true, sincere, to not be afraid of own thoughts, whatever they are.

Tickets available: