Piano stories and Dainis Tenis
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Piano stories and Dainis Tenis

About the event

In the last two years so much has happened, so much has been said and yet so much has not been said. We understand what it means to be together, how important it is to talk and understand each other. It's time for us to meet. Quiet and calm at first. Piano stories are a series of concerts for a very small audience. Silenced, calm, emotional. It will be an opportunity to get close to each other, listening to people's stories, songs and compositions and getting to know each other again.

On June 30, at 7 pm in Hanzas Perons we will have the opportunity to hear the new solo program DECODER in a piano story with pianist Dainis Tenis. Dainis is known as a pianist who feels comfortable and in his skin on the border between classical and non-academic music. Since graduating from the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, he has worked both as a pianist-soloist and as a member of the instrumental group Dagamba. The pianist will release his first solo album and concert program DECODER in the spring.

The pianist's original music is permeated by the acoustic sound of the piano, the prepared piano and the electronics. In his debut album, the pianist pays equal attention to both directions of interest to him - the academic piano playing, which is the basis of all music, and the relentless desire to experiment and test the limits of the known. In the concert, Dainis Tenis will perform his original works for piano, in which he has combined the closest genres of music - neoclassical, ambient and electronic music. The world-famous piano builder Dāvids Kļaviņš - Una Corda will create a special mood. The sound of the analog synthesizers and the rhythms of the drum machine will complement the acoustic environment with unique timbres.

Inspired by an era that encourages a review of values, the new album DECODER has been created as a mirror of the musician's inner world, transforming the pianist's previous musical search into 11 new compositions. The album is a retrospective reflection on who, where, why and when I am. A particularly interesting topic for a musician is the relationship between the past, present and future. We invite you to listen to it in a special mood in Hanzas Perons.