Hanzas Perons summer terrace
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Hanzas Perons summer terrace

About terrace

We will be glad to meed you on our Hanzas Perons summer terrace! Artistic, epidemiologically safe and beautiful terrace where you can enjoy delicious food, drinks, conversations, laughter and culture.

We should admit that cafés and catering is not our primary business, but these times and the desire to stay active, to meet our people motivated us to go with this project. Especially, if among our friends we have such a great partner like restaurant “Barents”, the choice was easy, fresh and tasty.

This terrace is our response to the pandemic times and a chance for all of us to come together again and meet new people. At the same time, our summer terrace is a chance for young people to get a summer job, to gain experience, to meet new people – like you, our dear guests, to spend summer usefully and earn some money. And yes, they may not be professional waiters. In a few years they will become economists, artists, they will work in culture and public relations, some may become event organisers. And we hope that this is going to be a valuable experience for each of them. This is our contribution to the future of our youth.

So we would like to wish you a pleasant time with us, good mood and a beautiful summer ahead!

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Working hours:

On working days from 16.00
On holidays from 12.00

The kitchen is open until 21:30

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