STARFM'20. Frekvence.
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STARFM'20. Frekvence.
Radio StarFM 20th anniversary concert series

About event


Concert series “Frekvence” that is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Radio StarFM will consist of concerts at Hanzas Perons, offering the audiences to enjoy concerts of almost 30 Latvian musicians in both beloved performances and new interpretations. Each concert night will be a 6-hour long musical adventure.

“In 2020 Radio STAR FM is celebrating its twentieth anniversary and we decided to make it a real good, proper celebration – a series of events to let our audiences get closer to the artists they hear on our radio every day. I’m glad that Hanzas Perons creative team had a similar idea and they agreed to join forces to make this concert series “Frekvence” happen,” Brita Barone, Programme Director at STAR FM, comments the idea of “Frekvence”.

“For Hanzas Perons as a venue for music, culture and art it is important to create space for as large variety of projects as possible, therefore in the framework of “Frekvence” we encourage musicians to try new collaborations and new ideas. As we worked on this concert series, we wanted to give the audience an authentic and unique experience both in terms of content and atmosphere,” says Ieva Irbina, Hanzas Perons Director.

Each concert will feature at least three artists with some special guests and friends, who will together create an unforgettable musical experience. And on top of that there will be STAR FM DJs and radiohosts Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare, Jānis Romanovskis, Egons Reiters, Maija Rozīte-Krištopane, Māris Grigalis and Oskars Lepers.

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