THE ENERGY SUNDAY and theatre for children “I am the boss”
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THE ENERGY SUNDAY and theatre for children “I am the boss”
Sunday with and about energy!

About event

On November 6th, we are waiting for you again in Hanzas Perons, to relax together with your family and children, gain new knowledge and spend time with each other. All day long from 11.00 to 17.00.
Energy consumption experiment workshop with Riga Technical University, vitamin, energy and design market, creative health masterclass, lunch, rest area and game area with Brain Games.

And of course the theatre! At 11.00 and 13.00 the new play "I'm the Boss" by Beatrise Zaķe, inspired by the children's story "I'm the Boss" by Zane Zusta and Nikita Bezborodovs. About the journey into the world of Elvis' thoughts and the passionate battle with Dumel, or a benevolent monster that makes the brain work a little differently. The theatre looks at how to deal with anxiety, which is so common nowadays, which often affects not only adults, but also children. It is like an encouragement to children to accept themselves and others, and an encouragement to parents to look at their children's thought process from a different point of view. Tickets from 10 euros in Biļešu Paradīze. All other activities and entrance to Hanzas Perons are free.